Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paying the price

I just spent over $2000 on my medication refills! Part of me wants to be nonchalant about it, like it's no big deal and it will all be worth it, but part of me wants to scream! It's not fair how other couples seem to get pregnant for free and we have to spend so much for the chance at getting pregnant. I wish I could say it's only money, but we all know that it's not. It's the pain and the stress and the utter feeling of failure that goes along with it. Like I shouldn't have had to go through this only if I had started younger. Maybe I waited too long and it serves me right, doesn't it?

For now, I try not to think about how much debt I'm in. I'll push it to the back of my mind, right behind worrying about my E2 levels.

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