Monday, March 3, 2008

Living the high life.

I went for in for baseline U/S blood test on Friday. The nurse called me back with my results : E2=28.4. Ok, so I am sufficiently suppressed, on with the stim cycle.
Here's my dosage:
Follistim 150
Menopur 75
Lupron 5

When I got my first set of Follistim/Menopur injects, I had a strange side effect. I felt tipsy, maybe a little bit high. Is this normal? I don't thinks so.

My subsequent set of injects weren't as blissful. That Menopur really stings!!

I went in for my U/S and blood test again today. The nurse says the my E2 number is low only 59.4 so they're doubling my Follistim and Menopur dosage and I have to go back in on Wednesday. Maybe the increased dosage will get me high again! At least that's something to look forward to!

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