Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now what?

I had the egg retrieval done on Friday and the embryo transfer on Monday. When all was said and done we ended up with two good embryos which were put back in. Now the dreaded 2 Week Wait!

I must say I am pretty happy with the process so far. Eventhough, I didn't produce as many eggs as my RE would have liked, they were enough to make two embryos. The ER and ET processes themselves were not too physically taxing. I think the hardest part of the process for me will be the 2WW.

Today is my first day back at work and I have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't told the people at work anything about my IF battles. I just told them I was having a medical procedure and needed a few days off. Since I work with mostly men, no one inquired further as to what that procedure maybe.


2roads said...

Take it easy and try to pamper yourself. I'm pulling for you!!

Pepper said...

I was just reading someone else's blog who had 20+ eggs retrieved, all of which fertilized, two put back in, but the rest didn't make it to freeze. She's now pg, which just goes to show that it's quality, not quantity.

Hey, you're already about halfway through your 2WW! I'm rooting for you. :-)