Friday, March 7, 2008

The Numbers Game

So today was the first time that I actually saw my RE since I've started my IVF cycle. I saw another Dr. on my suppression check, other than that it has been nurses all along.
I was happy to see him, I thought he was going to give me more insight as to how I was progressing. So, I'm there in the stirrups and the sono tech is pushing the wand inside me and snooping around in there, the Dr. comes up to the side and asks me how I'm doing with the injects, while gently patting my hand. "Ok I guess", I say a little confused. So I muster up some courage and asked "So how is my cycle doing?" He said: "Well if your E2 levels don't come up by Sunday we should really sit down next week and find out what didn't work in this cycle". So at this point my heart stopped. I'm thinking, what didn't work in this cycle? Is he giving up on me already? I'm only at day 8 of stims! I have 7 follies! .... So I asked: "Are you concerned about the number of eggs?" To which he responded: "No 7 is an OK number, I'm concerned about your E2 levels". At this point, my brain stopped functioning and the exam was over. I can't even remember the sizes of the follies that the tech was spitting out at me.

I somehow got myself out of the Dr's office and into work without bursting into tears. DH called to check on me at work. I almost cried while talking to him.

I have no idea, how I got through the rest of my day. Finally around 2:30 p.m. my nurse called and gave me the new E2 number for today. 525! Wow! Just on Wednesday it was only 100! It has multiplied by 5 in two days. Amazing! She said now they want to dial back the stims and go to a lower dosage! Thats good news, right?

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Pepper said...

Yes, that's very good news! Your E2 jumped way up, which is excellent, and dialing back on the stims usually means that your follicles are responding well to the meds. Congratulations!