Wednesday, June 4, 2008

194 and spotting

I got the call from the clinic. My beta is up to 194! And I have started spotting again. Can't have good news without the bad. I guess technically I am pregnant, eventhough this pregnancy may still not be viable. Next beta is scheduled for Friday. I'm taking it one day at a time. At least I had this week off and didn't have to go to work.

As much as I try to keep hope at bay as to not set myself up again for another fall, I so want this to work out. I so want to be the one who started out with low beta and carried to term. Oh please oh please let it be me.


Pepper said...

Happy dancing!!
Happy dancing!!

One day at a time sounds like the perfect motto to me.

**Finger, toes, and eyes crossed**

beautycourage said...

This sounds good to me! I'm hoping this is the one for you. All the best!

2roads said...

Joonie! I feel really good about this! Those numbers are moving along so well and people do spot all the time and have viable pregnancies. I know this isn't helping with keeping the hope at bay, but I SO want this to work for you!! This is great news minus the spotting. Keep the updates coming. We are all pulling for you!!! said...

This is good news!!

I had spotting which was related to low progesterone. I just have to use a progesterone pessary until wk 12. Haven't had a spot since.

Will be checking back in for more on Friday. Have a very good feeling about this.

Glad you are staying home. Try to rest and not panic. I know, I know - that is easier said than done.

Lisa said...

Those numbers are going in the absolute right direction. That is GREAT news! So sorry about the spotting. Praying it's nothing but an unfair worry.

Lisa at IG

Paranoid said...

I'm so glad it's going up, but I feel for you with the uncertainty. I hope that things become clear soon, preferably with the sight of a healthy little heart beating on the ultrasound screen.

Jess said...

Your numbers are wonderful! YES!!! I have some spotting too and I am totally freaking out, but people say that spotting doesn't necessarily mean a thing (but tell that to our panic attacks!!). Keep the great beta numbers coming!!

the Babychaser: said...

You're definitely pregnant, and it all sounds pretty good. The fact that the bleeding stopped is HUGE. If your body was dead-set on miscarriage, it almost certainly would have finished the job right then.

I know you won't feel safe for a while, but try to stay steady for the next couple of weeks. Once again, it's all about the waiting, is it not?

Good luck.

2roads said...

It's Friday and I'm checking in. Thinking about you.

journey to junior said...

thank you for your support on my blog. wow, you have been on a rough road this week. but it sounds like your numbers are doing great...i'm just sorry it has been so gut-wrenching. hoping this is a sticky one.