Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After a week of bedrest, I went in for my ultrasound yesterday. And all is well. There was a strong fetal heartbeat. Dr. Hotstuff said that there is still some blood at the site of the placenta so I should expect some spotting/light bleeding for another week or two, but not to worry about it. Great big sigh of relief!

I'm telling you ladies, bedrest is just not meant for me. I was driving myself and my poor husband crazy all last week. I know people have to go on bedrest for extended periods of time and I salute them for getting through it with their sanity intact. I almost couldn't make it through last week. I tried my best to relax and have faith and let nature takes its course with my pregnancy. Anyway, it's over and it ended on a high note, so I couldn't be happier.

After my exam Dr. Hotstuff asked me if I had made an appointment with my regular OB yet? My first instinct was to say, no, I never thought I'd make it this far, but I managed to just utter no. She instructed me to do so. At this point I asked for referral to OBs in the area (since my own is about an hour drive from my current residence). She asked me some questions about what I was looking for in an OB (male/female, small/large practice, etc.) and gave me a recommendation. I was so impressed with her taking the time to recommend the right practice. So I got home and called the OB office, the receptionist told me they schedule the first OB appointment for when I'm 10 weeks along. Considering all my previous failed pregnancies had required medical intervention way before week, I thought that's a bit late for a first OB appointment, but I didn't argue with her and just made the appointment, since I have another appointment next week with Dr. Hotstuff (my final 8 week appointment at the RE clinic).

As always thank you for all your well wishes and support.


Paranoid said...

If you'd rather your OB see you earlier, you should tell them that. If you explain your history and why you'd like an earlier appointment, they should be able to get you in (even if it's just to see the nurse practitioner). If they give you a lot of pushback on the issue, then you can decide whether they're the kind of practice that you want.

I'm so glad things are going well with you and the baby.

2roads said...

Happy to hear that all is well!

I was astonished to hear that you don't see a regular OB under normal circumstances until so late, too. It's very different and makes it hard to wait between visits, especially in the beginning. I did push a few times to be seen because I was a wreck and had to know everything was OK. And I also had to switch practices in the beginning until I found one that was flexible and supportive that way for me. The OB herself was OK, but the front desk was terrible and it was a fight to talk with the nurse or OB every time. I decided it wasn't worth it.

Good luck on finding a good fit. It makes all the difference! Congrats again on the good news!

Evil Stepmonster said...

I'm so happy for you that things are progressing well and you have an explanation for the bleeding at last.

I agree with the others that if you want to see an OB earlier just explain your history, I'm sure they will fit you in earlier if they can.

Pepper said...

Excellent news!

Isn't it nice when something that sucks so much actually helps you achieve something so wonderful?

P.S. Ditto on calling the OB.