Friday, April 11, 2008

No pain no gain

I am so out of shape. I can't believe how long I had to work out to get in shape and then how quickly I have fallen out of shape. I didn't work out throughout my last IVF cycle. My nurse advised against aerobic activity and suggested that I do some walking instead. That didn't quite work out for me. The only walking I do is outdoors and with my dogs, since the weather was not cooperating I didn't walk a whole lot. In addition, walking didn't help me relieve stress and no Endorphins either.

This time I told Dr. A that the inactivity really bothered me and I couldn't deal with on the job stress (and IVF stress) without it. So he gave me the go ahead to do as I please, within limits. With my new found freedom, I took a kickboxing class at the local gym last evening. Oh, am I hurting today! But it's good pain, you know, the kind that reminds you, you've done something good for your body. Here's hoping I can keep up my exercise routine and manage my sanity, workload and IF treatments all at the same time!


Pepper said...

"I can't believe how long I had to work out to get in shape and then how quickly I have fallen out of shape."

Me too! I heard all these stories about how your body changes with the years, but I never believed them. Until now. It's true that you have to work twice as hard for the same results and then the results don't last unless you keep them up. Double ouch.

Good for you for getting the doc to agree to reasonable activity! I hate working out, but you can't beat it for stress relief. That alone can make a huge difference in a cycle.

Jess said...

I echo Pepper's comment. My body turns to mush and yuck when I don't work out. I used to kickbox maybe 4 times a week and I LOVED IT. I think I need to get back to it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ahuva Batya said...

It's so hard to get back on the horse when you've let exercise lapse, but the mental benefits are almost immediately. It's so cool you pushed for this, and kickboxing no less!