Tuesday, April 8, 2008

IVF # 2 - Here I come

I had my consult with Dr. A (my RE) today. Somehow, it wasn't as satisfying as I had hoped. He really didn't have a reason for switching me to the Antagon Protocol. Basically, he wanted to "tweak" the protocol a bit to see if he gets better results.

The Antagon protocol doesn't use Lupron at all. Instead, I will be using Ganirelix after about 6 days of stimming up until the day of the trigger. Dr. A. said since we are not using Lupron for ovarian function suppression (only BCPs), there is a chance that I might develop a lead follicle and they may have to cancel the cycle. So I'm thinking great! One more thing for me to worry about!

Ok, the upside of the protocol, fewer injections! At least that's something.


Ahuva Batya said...

I have that same frustration with my RE-- it seems like often he doesn't really know why they do what they do.. they are in some respects shooting in the dark, doing what seems to work without totally being able to describe why. I have learned to just have faith that they know what to do better than anyone else, and that's the best to be hoped for. I'm excited for the start of your cycle! I hope it is successful!

Pepper said...

I think this is the point where the art takes over the medicine. Either way you look at it, less injections is definitely a good thing!

Dagny said...

Glad you get to jab yourself in the butt less!!!!!