Saturday, November 1, 2008


The first time I got pregnant, I feverishly researched all of the prenatal testing and screenings available and agonized over what test I would subject myself and my unborn child to. Well, I never got far enough that time around.

Now, I have a CVS scheduled for next Wednesday. I know of the miscarriage risks, but I just can't take the uncertainty. I have to know if the baby is OK. Thankfully, my husband agrees with me. But as the time of my appointment nears, I find myself getting nervous about it. Has anyone out there had CVS? Do you care to share your experiences?


Jess said...

Joonie I had a CVS at 11 weeks and I was terrified. The nice part was that the first thing they did was a very long ultrasound and I really got to see the baby looking like a baby for the first time. It was VERY cool. Then the doctor came in, used ultrasound to see where the placenta was, and decided this would be done through the belly (and not vaginally--is often done vaginally if they can reach the placenta better that way...I have heard vaginally is less painful). She gave me a shot of local anesthesia to numb the site where the needle goes in. Then the needle went in my belly (it didn't hurt, but did feel weird because it feels like it goes a long ways down). And then for about 30 seconds she kind of moves the needle in and out. I felt like a bit of cramping, but not too bad at all. And then it was done! Quick look at ultrasound confirmed baby had handled it well. I was told not to do anything strenuous for the rest of the day, but that I could go to work and resume normal life the next day. I did all that.

Overall, it was MUCH easier than I anticipated. Some women have pain, but even if it is painful really it is a short procedure.

The next day I found out that results were normal and that I was having a girl. That news CERTAINLY made it worth it.

I really really really hope you have a similarly smooth experience with great news at the end. Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing and how the CVS goes.

journey to junior(ette) said...

i opted out of a CVS but i wanted to lend you my heartfelt support for tomorrow. ((hugs))

2roads said...

You know my story. We couldn't do it based on the position of the baby-had to come back for the amnio. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, Joonie. Remember, it doesn't really last long. I couldn't watch the amnio. I actually put a towel over my eyes, begged the doc to tell me everything as it happened, and she counted to 30 while she noodled around inside. That helped. Stay relaxed, as best you can. I know I tensed up when they pulled the needle out and that part hurt and startled me. Try deep breathing then. You will do great and be surprised that it's not as bad as you think. Good luck!!! Here's to super healthy chromosomes!

nancy said...

I had a CVS done at the 13 week mark. The worst part was they gave me a shot of terbutaline to relax the uterus. Terbutaline is what is given as usually the first thing with pre-terb labor, and while it relaxes the uterus, it makes me feel like I just smoked crack.

But the CVS itself was easy. Not painful at all (done vaginally). I rested that day, as much as I could with a racing heartbeat, and went to work the following day. I bled a bit starting the 2nd day after CVS and brown spotting lasted almost an entire week, but I was told it was all normal.

I take it back - the terb was not the worst part, the waiting for results was. I had it done at 8am on a tuesday and I didn't get the results until about 1pm on Thursday. The results were normal and I was told I was having a son. As jess said, the news totally made it all worth it.