Monday, November 17, 2008

Second Trimester

This week is the official start of the second trimester. Part of me still cannot believe I've made it this far! When we first started TTC, every month after my period, I would get out the calendar and mark what would be all the major milestones if I actually got pregnant that cycle. End of the first trimester was a huge milestone, along with possible due date, etc. Of course, after a year, it got really old. Now when I think back, I just laugh at my naivety.

Of course, after struggles with IF, with this pregnancy I have been so afraid to look into the future and actually plan anything in advance. I have a co-worker whose due date is in the same week as mine. She constantly talks about her plans and is astonished that I haven't made any.

I know, I have to actually start planning for this baby sometime, but it still seems too soon. Like I would jinx it if I planned too far ahead. Crazy?


Shinejil said...

I think I'd be the same way, Joonie. I'll likely be asking my hubby to go and buy a car seat or something as I'm wheeled into L&D (if I ever get that far).

Good news that you've crossed yet another milestone! Yeah!

Peeveme said...

There's plenty of time to plan. What matters is that you are enjoying the pregnancy It sounds like you are doing that!

Pepper said...

You aren't on anyone else's timeline but your own. And when you feel like planning you can take advantage of all her research by peeking at her registry. That should save you some time!

Congrats on reaching this fantastic milestone! I am so very pleased and excited for you.

Jess said...

Not crazy at all. I couldn't do any planning or even thinking during the first trimester at made me way too anxious. You will ease into it as the weeks pass and as (at least some of) your worries start to fade. Can't wait to hear all about it! Congrats on getting to the second trimester!!! xoxo

Lisa said...

You are TOTALLY sane, Joonie! What a happy milestone. You're doing great, mama!

Lisa from IG

2roads said...

Joonie, I was exactly the same way. I still catch myself qualifying things when people offer congratulations, with things like, "Well, we'll see..." and I only have 8 weeks left. I did finally allow myself to start planning around the 17th week. I hope you don't wait that long. I wish I would've opened up my heart to the pregnancy sooner, but that's all hindsight with no glitches along the way.
I guess I'm just trying to validate you and say that it is very normal.

The second trimester is great! You will feel better with more energy soon and then you'll feel the first movements. I can't wait to hear more!

Congrats on another milestone reached on a long nerve-wracking journey!!!

journey to junior(ette) said...

no, it's not crazy at all to feel that way. i think for us IFers, it is totally normal.

if it makes you feel better, we didn't purchase a speck of anything baby-related until recently - i'm now 28 weeks and all we have at home is a stroller, package of Peter Rabbit books, and fabric to make the curtains and crib skirt!

congratulations on the second trimester!!!!

the Babychaser: said...

Not crazy. (Or at least no crazier than the rest of us.) J and I need to re-arrange much of our house, all of which involves making plans to convert our library into a nursery. We are letting our house go to crap because we aren't willing to make any of those changes until we're pregnant (and seriously pregnant, like a couple of months to go) or matched for adoption. We don't want to jinx it, but even more it's like rearranging our house and setting up the nursery is our reward, and we feel wrong getting started on it early.

Crazy? Probably. God knows I might be in no shape to do this stuff if I get pregnant. But that's just how we are right now.

Contrats on seeing the second trimester!

Melbagirl said...

Congratulations on your milestone.

Don't worry about the planning - it doesn't take long to get things organised :)