Thursday, August 14, 2008

Estrogen Rage?

I woke up yesterday morning in a state of panic. I had overslept for 15 minutes and it threw off my whole morning routine. My poor husband tried to make me breakfast and burnt the toast. And what did I do? I lashed out at him for "never doing anything right" and then went off to work and the saga continued. Everyone seemed incompetent and set on making me lose my temper. It wasn't until the afternoon that it dawned on me. I had taken my first estrogen injection the night before. Could this be estrogen rage?

After that pseudo-realization, I felt better. Mind you, I still was just as irritated and impatient, I just knew that every one wasn't out to get me (except maybe for my RE and my boss).


2roads said...

It is amazing how you feel so much better when you can put 2 and 2 together to explain some crazy emotional reaction. Just knowing why you are feeling a certain way helps to make it more acceptable, tolerable, sometimes even controllable. Hang in there, Joonie, it won't last too long. At least you know it's not YOU, it's those crazy drugs.
I'm thinking of you everydayl.

Thanks for your words on my blog-you are dear.

the Babychaser: said...

Of all the hormonal states, the Rage is the worst. 'Cause then you feel crappy AND guilty at the same time.

Being able to identify it as "its only the drugs" definitely does help. And I found the levels of estrogen I had to take for an FET the hardest drug regimen I've had. Much harder than the coma-inducing progesterone or the multiple-shot stims.

Hang in there. Just try to keep the Rage bottled up when you're at work, and let it loose at home where you can always apologize 2 seconds later, and explain that it's just the crazy drugs talking.

Good luck, honey.

Pepper said...

Rage is definitely the worst because it's such a strong emotion so it takes a while to connect it with the hormones. I just felt as if I was losing my mind. Hated that feeling.

It will pass, love. Hang in there and remember: You Do NOT Have to Stim!


2roads said...

Are you feeling any better?

Evil Stepmonster said...

oooh I didn't like the estrogen either. Nasty stuff. I hope you don't have to on it for very long.